Statler Tutorials

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Border Corner  




Echo Pattern


End of Set Tutorial and Project


Import Image


Nodes Divide Messages


Nodes Endpoints & Arcs


Nodes Speed & Stitches per Inch




Please click the links below to view CreativeStudio® 6.0 vidoes and projects by our Certified Instructors:


Pat Barry - Edge to Edge Corner E2E Project Instructions.pdf Corner E2E


Pat Barry - Small Quilt Carrier Quilt Carrier Project.pdf



Cindy Carey - iPad Cover


John & JoAnn Gruber - Wholecloth Table Runner Table Runner Project Video.mp4 Table Runner Project Instructions.pdf Table Runner


Kristin Harper - Squeeze Pattern to Boundary Video.mp4 Pattern to


Genece Hoskins – Image Import and Node Editing



Page Johnson – Concatenating Point to Point (P2P) P2P Project.mp4 P2P


Page Johnson – Nodes Project.mp4


Darla Parks – Borders and Corners and Corners Project video.mp4 and Corners Project Complete.jpg and Corners


Joan Knight – Table Topper Topper Project Video.mp4 Topper


Joyce Lundrigan – Order Join and Apply


Anita Shackelford - Apply Blanket Stitch Project Instructions.pdf Blanket Stitch


Georgia Stull - Mousepad Project Video.mp4 Project Complete.jpg


Sharon Sweetland – Apply Pattern Pattern Project Video.mp4 Pattern


Debbie Tribble – Nodes  Mode Placemat.mp4


Marty Vint – Dividing and Combining Using Nodes


Please click the titles below to view older training videos provided by CreativeStudio® Certified Trainers:


Julie Crossland – Trim


Julie Crossland - Piecing Half-square Triangles


JoAnn Gruber – Crosshairs


JoAnn Gruber – Heirarchy


Jo Ann Gruber – Tips


John Gruber - Zoom Feature


John Gruber - Tie Off Feature


John Gruber – Tips


Kristen Harper - Draw Freehand


Kristen Harper - Setting Up and Using Power Assist


Page Johnson – Creating a Boundary


Page Johnson – Pan and Zoom


Page Johnson - Set Up an Edge to Edge Design


Joan Knight - Keypad


Joan Knight - Border Corner Tip


Joan Knight – Point of Origin


Darla Parks – Borders and Corners


Darla Parks – Text


Darla Parks – Virtual Stitch Out


TJ Speiser - Quilt Groups


TJ Speiser - Stand Alone Mode (SAM)


TJ Speiser - Tips


Susan Smith - Relocate Project Origin


Susan Smith - Relocate Shift All to One Point


Susan Smith -CreativeStudio® Tips


Georgia Stull - Pattern Anchors


Georgia Stull - Pattern Selection


Georgia Stull – Pattern Management


Sharon Sweetland – Convert Menu


Sharon Sweetland – Help Menu


Sharon Sweetland - Applique the Modern Way


Debbie Tribble - Introduction to Circular Array


Debbie Tribble – Exporting Patterns


Debbie Tribble - Dream Weaver Quilting


Marty Vint - Play with your Drawing Tools  


Marty Vint – Using Fill


Marty Vint - Accessing the User Manual