CreativeStudio® Software

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Software Downloads

Note: Only registered Statler Stitcher® owners with a provided user ID and password can download these files, after logging in. Agreement to terms is required. 


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Please check the system requirements for CS 6.0 before installing on your Statler System click here for system requirement chart.



CreativeStudio®6.0 Software (agreement to terms and login required)


Install guide (agreement to terms and login required)

Statler Stitcher Pattern catalog 2015 


CreativeStudio® 5.0.0  What’s New (agreement to terms and login required)
CreativeStudio® 5.0.0 (agreement to terms and login required)

CreativeStudio® 4.2.0  What’s New (agreement to terms and login required)
CreativeStudio® 4.2.0 (agreement to terms and login required)

CreativeStudio® 4.1.0 (agreement to terms and login required)
CreativeStudio® 4.0.0 (agreement to terms and login required)
CreativeStudio® 3.0.0 (agreement to terms and login required) 
CreativeStudio® 2.0.0 (agreement to terms and login required)
CreativeStudio® Patch 1.2.0 (agreement to terms and login required) 
CreativeStudio® Patch 1.1.0 (agreement to terms and login required)
Creative Studio Install Guide (login required)
Installing CreativeStudio® in Stand-alone-mode (SAM) (login required)


Creative Studio®5.0 Manual
Pattern Statler Stitcher
Pattern Statler Stitcher
Patterns - Statler Stitcher PrecisionStitch® Installation Manual 

PrecisionStitch® version 8.5
CreativeDesigner (CD)


Creative Designer

CreativeDesigner® is a tool for professional Pattern Designers, it greatly speeds the conversion of patterns and the production of JPEG thumbnails.  CreativeDesigner® is free to download, but will not run without a license file which costs $200.  Instructions for purchasing your license are contained in the installation.”
Download CreativeDesigner
Download Video (VIDEO included in “CREATIVE STUDIO SOFTWARE” folder)


Designer Patterns

These designer patterns are included with the purchase of a Statler Stitcher.
Click here for designer contact information.

New CS 5.0 Patterns

Patterns by Judith Kraker download

Patterns by MyCreativeStitches download

Patterns by Patricia Ritter download

Patterns by Apricot Moon download

Patterns by Cyndi Herrmann download

Patterns by Quilters Niche download

Patterns by Jukebox Quilts download

Patterns by Wildflower Quilting download

Patterns by Anita Shackelford download

Patterns by Nancy Haake download

Patterns by The Quilters Quilter download

Patterns by Joyce Lundrigan download

Patterns by Blackman Quilt StudioDownload
Patterns by BZ Quilting Download
Patterns by Dave Dennis Download 
Patterns by Patterns By Dave Download
Patterns by Designs By Deb Download 
Patterns by Designs by Vickie Download 
Patterns by House of Creations Download 
Patterns by Hillbrook Studio Download 
Patterns by Irena Bluhm Designs Download 
Patterns by Jelly Bean Quilter Download 
Patterns by Kin Quilting Designs Download 
Patterns by Legacy Quilting Download 
Patterns by Linda's Electric Quilters, LLC Download 
Patterns by Lone Pine Quilting & Design Download
Patterns by M England Designs Download 
Patterns by One Song Needle Arts, LLC Download 
Patterns by Patterns by Forever In Stitches, LLC Download 
Patterns by Quilting Creations International Inc. Download 
Patterns by Simple Quilting Stitches Download
Patterns by Stitch Happy! Download 
Patterns by Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio Download 
Patterns by Timeless Quilt Designs Download 
Patterns by TK Quilting & Design Download
Patterns by Wildflower Quilting Download