Statler Stitcher


Version 8.0.0


Addendum for Version 8.5


September 14, 2006




What’s New in PrecisionStitch 8.5



1. Allow Needle Off sewing in Record Sew Pattern and Path

 This allows Needle Off testing of Record Sew Path and Record Sew Pattern.  You can even change the pattern height and restart Record Sew Pattern without reentering points!!!!  Once satisfied then Turn the Needle on and restart.


2. Needle up move before going to Startpoint (even if Needle is turned off)

There are more places where we check to be sure the needle is up and move up as needed, this can take a stitch even with the needle off.   Along with this, when Needle is turned off, we prompt you to start instead of just starting the way we used to.  This makes the order of clicks the same regardless of Needle state.


3. Added Option button to Idle Record mode

From the head you can do Needle off, Restart, Laser Off, Thread Break, Measure, and RESTART. 


4. Change made to Regulated smooth mode and have termed it Plus

Now there are three choices of regulated mode.

Changed Smooth to keep running a few stitches in the corners similar to the way a Gammill Plus machine operates.  This is it’s own regulated mode called “Plus”. 


5. No Sew Lead in and out lines are now possible for Automatic and Record Sew Pattern

Start and End a Pattern with a NO SEW Line


6. After second measure click, the Height & Width Measure boxes can be edited:

One click in the Height or Width box highlights the entire number for replacement. Double click positions the cursor to edit the number.


7. Added "Calculate Repeats" and "Calculate Rows" to Measure's Length

This eases placing repeat patterns at an angle


8. Added degrees to Measure along with a transfer to Square Up Quilt

More help for sewing repeats at angles, including SUQ in measure!  This SUQ provides a way to click a Square Up angle at any angle 360°.  Traditionally the old SUQ would always give angles between 0-90’  Both methods have value so now if you use the main screen and click Right to Left your 181° measurement will be converted to 1°  (It will sew right side up).  Now if you click the same points in Measure you will get 181° and can transfer and sew this.  (It will sew upside down).


9. Fixed the single block Square function so that the 1st and 2nd points you pick are always the base line for the pattern

With this release sewing a single block 360’ is possible.  Keep in mind that Lower Left corner is not always on the left.  You have to imagine you are looking at the top then you have the correct left and right


10. Changes made to the File open box

Changed the position to allow you to see the “Vertical Difference” box to quickly tell if a pattern can be sewn P2P. 


11. Angled 90° Channel Lock shifts are now possible without a SUQ angle

Keypad shift of 90° with channel lock without first setting a square up angle.


All known issues from Version 8 are fixed, here is a brief run down of these:

1. Some patterns that produced extremely small segments when trimmed

would not sew properly, is fixed.

2. DXF patterns could not be loaded off of CD, is fixed

3. Improvements to the 6 button polling

4. Fixed Record disabling a few main screen functions

5. As Designed now has an upper limit of 156", patterns designed over this will load at 12"

6. Geometric Line (line00) will now load in all cases

7. Fixed Trim restart issue with patterns having tucked Start & End

8. PS now returns to non C: drive pattern folders

9. Filenames with additional ‘ . ‘ now work ( ie: name1.1.dxf )



1.  Needle Off  in Record Sew Pattern and Path


Run through a recorded path of Record Sew Path or Record Sew Pattern with the Needle Off. (a test run)


At the main screen, set Needle to Off. Enter Record mode to record the path for Sew Path or Sew Pattern. After all point have been entered, press Stop, then click Yes to move to Starting Point, Click Yes to Start.

The Path will be repeated with the Needle Off.

To Sew:

Press the Keypad Option Key to turn Needle On, then use the Keypad Option Key to Restart Pattern. (or select from the computer)


If a record path is created, with Needle on. The Needle can still be turned off at the Computer after the Path is recorded. The Record Path window becomes minimized when this is done. Click on the Block Location in the task bar to re-establish.



3. Added Option button to Idle Record mode


In Record Mode, before selecting a record option.

The Keypad Option button will provide access to the all the options available:

Needle off - Restart - Laser Off

Thread Break  - Measure - Restart



4. Change made to Regulated smooth mode and have termed it Plus


Regulated Mode has three settings:

Original Mode

Smooth Mode

Plus Mode


The original mode is a standard setting for regulated stitching.

Smooth mode provides more power intended to provide a more accurate stitch length.

The Plus Mode keeps the needle in operation while entering and exiting a corner. This is similar to the Gammill Plus Machine and its regulated stitch.


Click the option of your choice.

Note: Not all machines will work the same. Choose a setting in which provides the best results for your system.


5. No Sew Lead in and out lines


Patterns can start with a No Sew Line. Provides opportunities for placing patterns in uniquely shaped  blocks or for spacing during a Record Sew Pattern. Use to locate corner blocks.


6. After second measure click, the Height, Width &  Measure boxes can be edited:


After measuring, one click in the Height, Width or Length box highlights the entire number for replacement. Double click any number to edit just that number.

Allows for manual adjustment of a measured distance before calculating repeats or transferring the measurement to a height or width setting.


7. Added "Calculate Repeats" and "Calculate Rows" to Measure's Length


“Length” is the measured distance of an angled line. Use for measurement and calculating repeats.


For angled sashings, measure the sashing height (1) and transfer Length to Actual Height. Measure again for length(2). Under Length, click Calculate Repeats.

8. Added degrees to Measure along with a transfer to Square Up Quilt


Measure is used for measuring distances.

A straight left to right measurement is displayed as Width. Measurements straight forward or backward is Height.

A measurement along any angle is displayed in Length. Along with any measurement of an Angle, the Degrees of the angle is calculated and displayed.


Any measurement can be transferred to a width, or height setting of a loaded pattern.


Repeats of a pattern can be calculated from either the Width or Length measurement.

Rows of a pattern can be calculated from either Height or Length measurement.


The calculated Degrees can be transferred to Square up Quilt by clicking “Square Up Quilt”



9. Single block Square function


9. Single block Square function


Placing a pattern in single block mode involves identifying the four corners of the block. Rotation of the pattern is determined by the first and second corners identified as lower left corner(1) and bottom right corner(2).

(see examples at bottom of previous column)


A baseline is determined by the location of the first two points. By changing the order in which corners are identified, the pattern can be rotated to any angle.



11. Angled 90° Channel Lock shifts


In either Regulated or Constant Speed mode.

Enter a Channel Lock value of 45° (any value can be used, this is only an example). Turn on Channel Lock, head moves at 45°.


While in operation (sewing)

Shift the Channel lock by 90°, by pressing and holding first the Mode button(top right) then pressing the Channel Lock button(top center).


A channel lock value of 45° will shift to -45°

(not 135° which is an equivalent)