Irena Bluhm, Quilting Artist

Location: Antlers, Okla

Quilting Experience: 5 years longarm quilting (30 years making & designing quilts)

Quilting Tips: Never use unbleached 100% cotton batting with very light, white or white quilt tops or backing. After your quilt is washed, and in some cases steamed flat using a clothing steamer, some brown spots may appear on the surface. These are next to impossible to remove from your quilt top. The brown spots are caused by the cotton seed remnants, which are embedded within the batting.

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Irena Bluhm is an internationally acclaimed award-winning quilter, instructor, pattern designer and author of eight books. She is teaching at all major venues along with private workshops on national and international levels. Since 2005, her work won 57 awards in quilt contests at IQF Houston, AQS Paducah and Nashville, Road2CA, PIQF, MAQF, NQA, MQS, MQX, and Innovations, just to name just a few.