Meet Our Team

Gammill employs individuals at our West Plains and Columbia, Missouri locations. Here are the team members you will work with when contacting our company.
( June 20, 2014 )


Jennifer Smith – Operations Manager

 Jennifer joined Gammill in January of 2014.  She brings a strong marketing and sales background to Gammill.  Jennifer received a MBA from the University of Phoenix with an emphasis in marketing and management.  She and her husband Greg have been married since January 1992 and have three children, Ashley, Tayler, and Isaac.  Jennifer serves as an Ambassador for the Greater West Plains Area Chamber of Commerce and is the Heart of the Ozarks United Way Board President for 2014. 


Danny Elliott – Engineering Manager

Danny joined Gammill in April of 2013 as an Electrical Engineer, and became Engineering Manager in September of 2013.  Danny has been married since 2009.  He and his wife have two sons, Sam and Eli.  Danny enjoys spending his free time with family and friends, working on cars, and participating in shooting sports.


Susan Smith – Education and Training Manager

Susan joined Gammill in October of 2014.  She received her MA in Library and Information Science from San Jose State University in 1990, and her MA in Psychology from Central Michigan University in 1981.  Her background in the areas of quilting, education, and technology results from over 30 years working in various occupations as a US Naval officer, credentialed library media teacher, mentor teacher, California technology mentor, reference librarian, longarm quilter, CreativeStudio certified instructor, Gammill sales representative and independent quilt teacher.  She is responsible for all educational aspects of Gammill.

Susan lives with her husband, Selden, on beautiful Bainbridge Island near Seattle, Washington.  They both enjoy books, travel, and their yellow lab, Obi.


Aubrey Stephens – Warehouse Manager

Aubrey joined Gammill in August of 2001.  He has worked in many areas of the warehouse and handles tech calls.  He has been happily married for 20 years to his wife Deanna.  They have 2 kids, Montana and Brianna.  Aubrey was born in Salem, AR and raised in Mammoth Spring, AR.



Shandi Brinkman – Marketing Coordinator

Shandi joined Gammill in March 2015. She has more than 10 years of Marketing, Public Relations and Media experience. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and a Masters Degree in Administrative Studies with an emphasis in communications from Missouri State University. She and her husband, Allen, have one son, Jonah. In her free time, she enjoys running, especially marathons.



Customer Service Team


Lana Adams – Customer Service Clerk

Lana joined Gammill in September of 2013.  She processes and ships all parts and supplies.  Lana is married and has 2 children, Braxton and Kynsley.  Lana enjoys spending time with her children and family.


Rhonda Cobb – Purchasing Agent

Rhonda joined Gammill in May of 2008.  She handles part purchasing, inventory and part reviews.  She and her husband Gary were married in August 1975.   Together they have two adult children, Tymory and Corey, and three grandchildren Ashleigh, Blake, and Liliana.   In 2013 Rhonda and Gary adopted their grandchildren Liliana and Blake.  Rhonda’s enjoys reading, watching the grandkids grow and change, and keeping up with all the challenges that involves. 


Sandy Johnson – Dealer Liaison

Sandy joined Gammill in April of 1998.  She assists the dealer network with orders and customer service.  Sandy has been married for 30 years.  She and her husband spend the majority of their time on the North Fork River fishing, canoeing, and kayaking year round.


Customer Support Department


Lis Groe – Customer Support

Lis joined Gammill in July of 2009.  She began her career with Gammill in the supply department but transitioned into a technician and trainer in 2013.  Lis has been to most of the major quilt shows around the country. In her spare time, Lis spends time playing with her two adorable dogs, practicing martial arts, and watching science fiction movies.


Justin Walgamuth – Customer Support

Justin joined Gammill in April of 2005.  He is an Engineering Technician dealing directly with Statler machines the past 9 years.  He works to help improve electrical and troubleshooting processes and also works on projects to better the customer experience.  Justin is married with two kids and too many cats.  He has a few tattoos and possibly an unhealthy obsession with both Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss) and Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain). 


Jearld Collins – Master Technician

Jearld joined Gammill in September of 1989.  He is a Master Technician and has assisted with many National quilting shows throughout the years.  Jearld and his wife Vivian have been married 38 years.  Jearld and Vivian enjoy spending time with their three children, three grandkids, and one great-grandprincess.


Mike Caldwell – Tech Support

Mike joined Gammill in November 1985.  He began by working with Ken Gammill at the store on Washington Ave.  Mike has delivered quilting machines, worked at various quilting shows, and trained customers all over the USA & Alaska.  Mike has been married to Donna for almost 43 years.  They have one son, Chris, who also works at Gammill.


Kenny Collins – Tech Support

Kenny joined Gammill in March of 2009.  He has wired handguided quilting machines since 1999, when the wiring was previously subcontracted to KC Shops. He enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time with his grandchildren. He has been married for 32 years and two daughters.