At a very early age, Paul Statler's dream was to own his own electronics business. He fulfilled that dream by age 15. Through the years he has experienced many things from building his family's first television to repairing several of Elvis Presley's televisions and stereos at Graceland while working for RCA. Paul is also an inventor who is known for having invented many things to make life easier. Paul still has an electronics business, but it is quite different from the dream he began 47 years ago. Paul and his wife, Mildred, both come from families with a tradition of quilting.

The Statler Stitcher® is a software program combined with hardware that Paul Statler researched, designed and built to operate a hand-guided quilting machine that will stitch almost any design (pattern). 
The program can determine the pattern and size, the size of the block, the stitches per inch, the repetitions of the pattern, and the offset of the pattern.

The Statler Stitcher® software and hardware packages have been sold around the world. The hardware includes the computer, cables, servo-motors, and computer circuit boards attached to a hand-guided Gammill sewing head, which is guided by the computer instead of by hand.

Paul Statler built the first Statler Stitcher for his wife Mildred in 1990 and they began production quilting. Paul continued improving the system and the first Gammill with Statler Stitcher technology was sold in 1994.

With over twenty years experience, Statler Stitcher is by far the most advanced computerized quilting machine in the industry.