Gammill Classes

Date: Jan 30 - Jan 31, 2013
Instructor: Paul Statler & Betsey Langford
Course: CreativeStudio Masterpiece
Location: Statler Education Studio, Columbia, MO

This two day course offers an opportunity to take your quilting to the next level. Learn to take a quilt from average to a masterpiece with the advantages offered by CreativeStudio.

The first day of the class you will learn inspirational features of CreativeStudio equipping you to master your quilting artistry. Using Stand Alone Mode, you will unleash the designer in you to utilize patterns to their fullest potential.  With hands-on application, you will create a quilted encyclopedia to take home and put your new learned skills to fullest use in your day to day quilting.

The second day of the course invites you to stretch your artistic skills as you explore the deeper issues of quilt design and layout. With both demonstration and practical application, you will learn to utilize CreativeStudio to its full potential in such a way that when you get home you can immediately put your new learned skills to use.

Both days of the course will include a little lecturing with lots of one-on-one training.


Prerequisite:  This class builds on the skills learned in the CreativeStudio Custom Quilting Class.


-  Training materials are provided, including instructions, training exercises, and step-by-step guides. Each quilter will be given a notebook to create and build as they learn and are able to take home to continue learning and growing in both creativity and skill.

-  Please bring a laptop to participate in Stand Alone activities.  A limited number of Statler laptops are available for use in the class, but it is better if you can bring your own laptop so you are comfortable with the technology and are not limited by using unfamiliar technology in the studio.


Day One:             8:00 – 11:30

Lunch Break

1:00 – 4:30

Day Two:             8:00 – 11:30

Lunch Break

1:00 – 3:00

Class fee:             $250

Enrollment & Cancellation:

  • Class size is limited so payment for the class reserves your place.
  • All class fees are fully refundable if cancellations are made two weeks before the class.

To register, please contact the Education Director at 1-800-659-8224 or by email at

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